Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giovanna Torrico Bijou

Vintage sequins have been Giovanna's signature material since 2000, suspended on steel wire they provide continuous movement while revealing their sculptural and aerial quality. These qequins are a precious and disappearing resource, they were last cut in the 1930's. Their rectangular, convex and hexagonal shapes along with the uniqueness of their size, color and texture give this collection a delicately organized architectural aesthetic.

Mustard Felted Sequin Neckpiece

Japanese Snow Solid-Loop Earings

Indigo Orbit Neckpiece

Cuervo Long Drop Earings

12 Sticks Design

The majority of Brian Enright's work is made from salvaged material, and he sees re-use design as a balance between the necessary destruction of objects in order to create, and the breathing of new life into those things deemed useless. Influenced by futuristic artist like Paul Pope, and classic functionalists like Alvar Aalto, he looks to balance industrial and organic ideas with the function and form of each piece.

Void Ring

Void Buckle
Off Symmetric Buckle

Mini Knuckle Buckle

Knuckle Buckle

Key Ring Antique (Cast Sterling)

I Beam Table

Andrew Riiska

Here is a the 69 Leg Table. The top is made from old growth Douglas Fir recycled from a building in Hollywood. The Legs are made from Hard Maple that was recycled from an old work bench top that was delaminating from too much use.

Samuel Moyer Furniture

Samuel Moyer Furniture is a small, cohesive band of artist and artisans, committed to making one-of-a-kind furniture by hand from sustainable materials of heirloom quality.
From design, to tree and lumber selection, through milling, joinery and finishing, we develop a relationship with each piece of furniture we build and strive to share that connection with clients.
Operating in downtown Los Angeles for over 6 years, Samuel Moyer Furniture is committed to the idea of making furniture and artwork for all cultures. Furniture that lasts links generations and reduces waste and consumption. all it slow furniture, if you like, but it's an idea and an aesthetic whose time has come.
Designed and built with the practicality of the past and ethics for the furniture.
Tripod Stools

Dining Table

Robert Austin Gonzalez Table

Since 1994, Robert Gonzalez has been the principle of R.A.G.E., a furniture manufacturing firm. R.A.G.E.'s primary business was office furniture. The award winning Global Desk System has furnished offices from the likes of MTV Networks, Oxygen Media, Nine West Group, Liz Claiborne, Action World, Monsanto Co., Monterey Carpet, Richard Chamberlain Communications and Wilson Media Group.
In 2002, R.AG.E. evolved into creating custom residential furniture. That quickly led to designing interiors and contracting apartment renovations. Several of these interiors are featured in the Design/ Build Portfolio.
Now in 2006, Robert introduces GRACE... a collection of sculptural furniture in limited editions and by commission. Coinciding with the introduction of GRACE, Robert will be dropping the business name R.A.G.E. and will begin using his name Robert Austin Gonzalez to brand himself as a designer.


Furniture that is in stock right now at Five Ten Studios

Skram Wishbone 2-Drawer High Table
Skram Lineground Armchair
RS-Barcelona Road Bench
Skram Walnut Drop Stool

Skram White and Black Drop Stool

Toy Products

We have a selection of custom rare toy products by Blockhedz and Hoodiez




We have a variety of glassware by PAD.
Serving Tray
Black Brass Knuckle Mug
White Brass Knuckle Mug

Manifesto Bikes

We have some Manifesto Bikes that were created by an Oakland native.

Manifesto Bike

Basil Racuk

We have a line of products that have just come in from Basil Racuk. Here are some of the Products that we have in house at this moment.

Computer Case
Minimal Tote
Hard Brief
Farmers Market Tote
Black Buffalo Soft Brief