Thursday, April 2, 2009

Floor Model Sale

30-50% off

Saturday April 4, 2009 12-6pm

831 Broadway Oakland, Ca 94607

Custom poly carbonate screen by S.U.M Design

Black steel chair with magnetic detachable leather cushion

by MKS design

Arthur chair by Reeves design

Here is your chance to sweep up a custom furniture piece for half the price.

Come join us for some refreshments and music this Saturday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

FIVEten Studio Featuring Audiowood & Glow Audio

FIVEten Studio proudly presents custom audio components by Audiowood: works by Joel Scilley

Saturday, March 14, 2009 4-8pm

One-of-a-kind turntables and other audio components handmade by Joel Scilley, and a selection of cutting-edge audio components that feature:
Excellent sound quality, compact, modern designs, affordable prices,
Environmentally friendly products: High-efficiency and low-power amplifiers, components made from recycled and reclaimed wood.
Glow Audio
King Rex
JohnBlue Audio
Red Dragon Audio
Origin Live

Refreshments, records, a comparison of 2 compact, budget speakers and more.

This event is sponsored by Funky Soul Stop Records, FIVEten, and Comisario tequila

831 Broadway Oakland  Ca 94607
Saturday 14 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ollin: A Spiral Line and Other Flights by Rosa de Anda

"This exhibition explores rhythmic, ritualistic effort and the recurring themes of movement, flight and fluidity. Ollin means ‘movement’ in the Meso American language of Nahuatl. The spiral is representative of the force of regeneration and is recognized in most cultures as a universal sacred symbol.

Love and hatred, ignorance and wisdom find balance in the spiral dance of life. This work is about examining structure + pattern + rhythm, the interruption of such, nuturing new ways of being, investigating all activity within the whorls of the life spiral. The materials I use to construct this visual investigation, rubber and wood, are from the tree…an element of nature that is life-giving. I feel strongly about using these recycled materials, allowing for another pattern of existence to emerge in present space and time."

- Rosa De Anda

Ocean Ladders by Joy Umali

Ocean Ladders is an installation of three ironically formed ladders. The ladders themselves are a symbol for progression and desire. In this form and environment, they represent one’s curiosity and ability to reach for their dreams. Partnered with the coming and going of the waves, the ladders trigger thoughts of fleeting moments, reaching for what one desires, and of constant movement in the artist's life.

The Bachelor by Audiowood

The Bachelor is named for its rich hues and sleek lines: think dark leather sofas and black Ferraris. It is constructed around a central piece of solid walnut burl, and has solid ebonized walnut legs. Its armboards are solid Gabon ebony, as are the decorative strips on top. The freestanding motor pod houses a new Premotec motor, and it is currently running with a vintage VPI PLC motor controller.

A unique feature of this table is that its armboards are installed using a single bolt, fixed from above. This design allows multiple armboards that can be installed in seconds.
Joel Scilley creates custom turntables from vintage and new parts incorporating his love for burlwood and other uncommon woods.

GLOW Audio

GLOW Audio
Tube Amplifiers and Loudspeakers that Sound
as Good as they Look

GLOW is simple, elegant, and timeless. They are a work of art that does not compromise but enhances the quality of sound. They minimized if not eliminated the uneccesary elements which results in a pure and realistic sound.

GLOW's amplifiers are hand built with the highest quality components. All amplifier transformers are hand wound and circuits are assembled using the point-to-point wiring method.

GLOW is also green striving away from the "disposable" consumer products. They use recycled and renewable materials such as bamboo and scrap wood. Their products are designed better, built better, look better and sound better than audio products costing much more.