Thursday, December 11, 2008


FIVEten Studio presents


a simple compilation revisiting past artists exhibited at FIVEten Studio this year as well as other emerging artists.

Elise Hochstadt
Anneliese Vobis
Nicole Buffet
Githinji Wa Mbire
Nick Dong
Ace Lehner
Alicia Escott
Cameron Kelly
Julia Goodman
Justine Ashbee
Judy Wu
Imin Yeh
Roberto Miguel
Angel Diaz
Paul Barron
Maria Bianco

Exhibit through December 5 - 30
Opening Reception Saturday, December 13 from 6-9pm

BAILOUT features works all under 400 dollars.

Friday, October 17, 2008

First Fridays

This months reception at FIVEten featuring the art of Julia Goodman.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

tell-tales: Works by Julia Goodman

FIVEten Studio Presents

Julia Goodman

Oct 1 through Oct. 30 2008
Reception Friday Oct. 3, 2008 6-9pm

Julia Goodman is an artist and papermaker, living and working in San Francisco. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she received her Bachelors in International Relations and Peace and Justice Studies from Tufts University in 2001. Julia spent six years in the Los Angeles area working at non-profit arts organizations and teaching at a dropout
recovery high school. She has exhibited at galleries and museums throughout California and is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts at the California College of Arts.

In tell-tales, Julia Goodman experiments with the narrative potential of tracking wind through sculpture and photography. A tell-tale is both a literary and nautical term. Handmade paper sculptures track air circulating and movement. The pieces are all made from gathered junk mail repurposed with the intentions of telling a more personal and open story. With photographic assistance from Klea McKenna, this investigation travels on to film to capture an immediate and phenomenological experience of wind.

The Real Buzz Lightyear

Yves Rossy Flies Over the English Channel

It was amazing enough back in 2003 when Yves Rossy began his Flying Man project and jumped out of a plane with stubby wings strapped to his back. On September 26, 2008, he truly over exceeded this achievement with his Jet-Man project and crossed the English Channel in just 10 minutes.

The final design was equipped with two kerosene-powered jet engines, foldable carbon wings and handles for easier manipulation. With this new design, Rossy had the freedom to glide or dive and became the first man to fly like a bird. Rossy leaped from a plane, fired up his jets and made the 22-mile trip from Calais, France, to Dover, England, for the solo flight.

"It was absolutely fantastic; freedom in three dimensions…I felt like a bird."
- Yves Rossy

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


FIVEten Studio Presents Inseparability

Sept. 1 through Oct. 1 2008
Reception Friday Sept. 5, 2008

Featuring artists:

Christine Kesler
Jordan Felling
William Downs
Justin Limoges
Nick Meyer
Zoe Blackwell
Dina Danish
Brooke Ann Inman

The work of Christine Kesler speaks about themes of expansion and contraction, looking and the desire for perfect forms. Sometimes entire suites of drawings explore the dynamics and relationships of a single form or a small family of forms. Her abstractions are sourced from the body and the landscape, often distilling vast spaces or structures down to a much more spare and concise interpretation on panel or paper. There is an economy of visual language and a definitive casualness in her markmaking, as well as the examination of balance, tension, and integrity of material. The forms that recur in all of her work are evidence of the constant negotiations with the phenomenology of being human. She is interested in all of the ways that things (such as abstract forms) can exist together in vast difference but still somehow on the same spectrum as everything surrounding them, inseparable opposites. The work of Pablo Neruda and Forrest Hamer are influential for meditations on economy of language, relative duality and soulfulness.

"In selecting work for this show, one of the interpretations of Inseparability that was most compelling is in works dealing with the continuous emergence of the ordinary. One’s daily routine is inseparable from and constantly converges with an art practice that aims towards something more powerful and transcendent. Running parallel, there is also a theme of inseparability of one’s interior and exterior bodies... with the physical self as a subject, these artists are questioning how we are physically contained and ultimately held separately from one another, in constant negotiations with other physical bodies." - Christine Kesler

Jordan Felling addresses materiality and femininity with works that directly evoke a pregnancy of form. These richly layered abstractions of the human body suggest unto themselves fertility and a quiet space containing the female body, layered with light and shadow. There is also a quiet mental space created in the elegance of these platinum prints.

William Downs’ multi-headed erotically charged forms inhabit a space that seems to exist somewhere on a blurry line between fantasy and reality. These lush drawings deal with imagery culled from conscious and unconscious desires, two inseparable forces that equally drive the work.

Justin Limoges’ line drawing takes on the idea of inseparability of spirit and body through its depiction of a ripped-open torso. Presenting a graphic departure from Caravaggio’s painting of the wounded body in Doubting of Thomas, his work is brimming with the anxiety of war, doubt and spiritual reckoning.

Nick Meyer’s photographs and Brooke Inman’s drawings all have a distinctly experiential frame of reference that threads through their entire body of work, as they record moments in their everyday life and days spent with friends and lovers. These seemingly benign or carefree moments turn into the impetus for making their work, and add up to a greater whole that addresses the inseparability of one’s non-art practices with one’s art-making endeavor. Meyer’s photographs are inhabited by a child-like wonder, with adult kids climbing trees and diving into lakes. It feels like summer in each of his photographs in this exhibition, and the adult kids are playing more towards the kid end of the spectrum until school starts again.

Inman’s drawings and installations are filled with an obsessive mindfulness of the details that make up one’s routine: the banal (the clothes worn on a weekend) to the extraordinary (the wistfulness of falling in love). Inman’s drawings are as well filled w/ a child-like personal narrative- the sensations she describes are hopeful and she captures a sense of gratefulness and reverence in witnessing her own life happening around her.

The narrative that emerges from Zoe Blackwell’s delicately marked-up picture plane often has to do with trust and a highly personal belief system. Her texts are sparse, optimistic and incredibly poetic, and give a sense of the artist’s spelling-out of her own ideology.

Dina Danish’s relationship with the world around her is portrayed in constant tension with language barriers and various cultural uncertainties. She uses repetitive texts and her own parameters and recording systems to create works of art that seem to exist in distinct harmony with a disjointed and perhaps entirely unpredictable lifestyle, one that reflects a dissolving of boundaries between art and life.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

AKA Graffiti Exhibit Closing Show- Aug 30

With the success of the opening show we had to do it again. We are going to have another round of custom bikes!! The event will be on Saturday August 30 6-10pm

Monday, August 11, 2008

FIVEten Studio X Broakland Fixie

This bike was conceived for three reasons, 1st, for its pure form and beauty, 2nd, for the only diet I have left that might just work, 3rd for the respect of bay area builder's. This was a collaboration with Broakland which put this Knight Rider on the road, All flat black, with a 5 and dime logo, can't go wrong! 

Broakland-ST.FIGHTER Frame
traditional track bike known for its sharp handling and acceleration - high bb keeps pedals and you off the ground! Custom blend of TrueTemper, Columbus and Dedacciai tubing -Broakland

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AKA Graffiti Exhibit last NIght-A

it was a good day

Proud owner of a Manifesto creation
much respect Peeta


there is no smoking mirrors
double crank what!
Ray Ray's 59 cruiser


Much respect to all that provided to this wonderful event!! Much respect DREAM, PEETA, VOGUE, KRASH, BROAKLAND, DJ SAKEONE, TDK CREW!,MERX,AMEND, SOUL, SPY,LIL JON,GABRIEL,AARON TRAPPIST!!,TRUMER,ANGEL,OAKLAND................

Monday, July 21, 2008

FIVEten Presents- A.K.A Graffiti-FIVEten X Broakland

This exhibit will be our 1st anniversary art show at FIVEten Studio.
FIVEten studio is exploring the view of graffiti through this exhibit "A.K.A Graffiti".
We are featuring graffiti into the fourth dimension with special guest artist Peeta from Italy,
Dream, phresh, and Vogue, from the TDK Crew (oakland original graffiti hitters). 

Peeta's new sculpture
Leather graffiti
In conjunction with Graffiti FIVEten will be displaying track bikes and other custom bikes aswell. Broakland  X FIVEten - Broakland bikes are collaborating on a special track bike for the show. Other local builders will be providing special bikes for the show, i.e Manifesto bikes (Oakland), Mission bikes ( San Francisco), Shorty Fatz ( San Jose). We believe that the bikes are  another form of Graffiti or even a form of functional art, or some can say a furniture piece. These bicycles project bueaty and zen in its pure form. Our goal is to showcase the bikes as another piece of furniture in your home. 

Mission bicycles-above
Manifesto bikes above
Broakland bike

A.K.A Graffiti will have its opening Friday August 1, 2008 6-10pm
the exhibit will go through August  1-30

There will be music, beverage, b-boy's, graffiti, bikes 
special thanks to Dream's brother for allowing us to display his work.
Much respect R.I.P DREAM