Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(n) BODY

6-9 PM

FiveTen Studio will be hosting a Opening Reception for our new show (n) BODY, showcasing the work of Monique D. Lopez. (n) BODY will be on from October 9 through until November 16.

This is what Monique D Lopez says about her work...

Mikhael Bahktin describes the grotesque body as "a body in the act of becoming. It is never finished, never completed; it is continually built, created, and builds and creates another body." Throughout my practice there has been a a continuous metamorphosis - a transformation that has continued from one "body" of work to the next. Like Bahktin's grotesque body, certain aspects in the work inform each other as to what change needs to be taken to create the next "body."

For this exhibition, different "bodies" of work will be presented that possess the dualities of contained /uncontained, revealed/unrevealed, and internal/external. As site specific installation will be created that will consider the architecture of the gallery, specifically the windows. Here I will be able to experiment with the transparency of the windows and make a new "body" that will bring the outside in and the inside out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miel Tequila Bar


FIVEten Studio has completely renovated and redesigned another storefront space in Old Oakland, Miel Tequila Bar, the new expansion of Tamarindo Antojeria.

Miel is designed for now, but with features of an old school flavor of Mexico and Oakland's early American architecture. The combination of all these seemingly differently elements blend well together without any one element outshining the other. Hard surfaces of the exposed brick walls, tin ceiling, and classic parquet floors are all traces of the classic American architecture in Old Oakland. The metal light fixtures designed by FIVEten Studio above the bar and in the center of Miel were taken from cues of Tequila, as is the pink divider wall and green couch. The unique texture of the plastered walls also causes one to think of adobe walls.

All in all, the food at Tamarindo is off the chain, and the drinks from Miel are too. Miel has the perfect atmosphere for lounging with some friends for a few drinks or even a date. And don't forget there's always happy hour.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

20" x 25"
ink, ballpoint pen, and inkjet prints on duralar

Align Center
20" x 26.5"
ink, ballpoint pen, and inkjet prints on duralar

20" x 26.5"
ink, ballpoint pen, and inkjet prints on duralar

Monique D. Lopez is a 2010 MFA graduate from CCA. An image of a microscopic cancer cell is what first intrigued her interest in the investigation of disease. It was saturated with color and she questioned how something deadly could be beautiful. In the work's development she takes into consideration the beauty she saw in the microscopic image and the grotesque effects of cancer’s invasiveness, such as tumors, and attempt to bring those things together in order to
have the viewer be attracted and repulsed simultaneously. Her intent is not to literally depict a disease, but rather have the work be a presence in the space—an invasive entity.

See Monique's work in person at Era Artbar, coming in August, details TBA. A follow-up exhibit will be shown at FiveTen Studio in September. To see more samples of the artist's work, click here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pop Salon Oakland

TODAY, Sunday June 27th, from 4-7 pm come check out the work of featured artist Nicole Buffett in several spaces along 9th St, between Broadway and Washington. Co-Hosted by B Restaurant and Blackbird East, this event not only offers art for your viewing pleasure but also film, live music by Tin Cup Serenade, and an open bar. For more information please visit

34 year-old artist Nicole Buffett currently works and resides in San Francisco, creating abstract pieces in both traditional and non-traditional mediums. Using reclaimed house paint, earth pigment, spices, sand, spray paint, ink, and resin, Nicole reflects her own relationship to the world around her while offering the possibility for deeper spiritual representation to the viewer. A lifelong painter and creator, Nicole was awarded the opportunity to work and study textile design in Rajashtan, India in 2001 and received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. Since then she been shown in prominent local establishments such as Swallowtail, Mignonne, Hotel des Artes, and the Andrea Shwartz Gallery.
For more information please visit

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tanya AguiƱiga is a Los Angeles based designer raised inTijuana, Mexico. Tanya’s work is informed by border experiences: the interconnectedness of societies, the beauty in struggle and the celebration of culture. She translates emotions into three dimensional objects and tell stories trough color and touch. Her work encourages users to reconsider the objects they use on a daily basis by creating work that explores an objects’ unseen aspect. Her hand-woven and hand-dipped accessories are made from 100% cotton, jersey or wool.

Double Cotton Rope Necklace

Medium Rope Cotton Necklace

Cotton Dipped Rope Bracelet

Jersey Woven Rope Bracelet

Wool Lace Cuff

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GenevaSound S is the smallest hifi, ever, less than 6", yet with full-sized high fidelity. Perfect for the bedroom, kitchen, office and more. It includes innovations that make hifi easier, and more eye-pleasing: a new PowerDock connector, new TouchLight controls, and a digital radio with alarm clock. TouchLights brighten on hand contact, giving extensive iPod menu control that other small systems lack. When the iPod/iPhone is removed, the motorized PowerDock spins closed to protect it. There’s a choice of three colors, (red, black or white) and a table stand for less clutter on nightstand, countertop or desk.


A Two 3” full range speak

B Two bass ports with dynamic loudness

C Two Class D digital amplifiers – extremely efficient, low-consumption

D Digital radio

E Digital clock with alarm program

F EmbracingSound DSP restores and improves compressed music files

G PowerDock for iPod/iPhone connection and protection

H TouchLight controls - backlit, touch-sensitive

I Line-in jack for external audio

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giovanna Torrico Bijou

Vintage sequins have been Giovanna's signature material since 2000, suspended on steel wire they provide continuous movement while revealing their sculptural and aerial quality. These qequins are a precious and disappearing resource, they were last cut in the 1930's. Their rectangular, convex and hexagonal shapes along with the uniqueness of their size, color and texture give this collection a delicately organized architectural aesthetic.

Mustard Felted Sequin Neckpiece

Japanese Snow Solid-Loop Earings

Indigo Orbit Neckpiece

Cuervo Long Drop Earings

12 Sticks Design

The majority of Brian Enright's work is made from salvaged material, and he sees re-use design as a balance between the necessary destruction of objects in order to create, and the breathing of new life into those things deemed useless. Influenced by futuristic artist like Paul Pope, and classic functionalists like Alvar Aalto, he looks to balance industrial and organic ideas with the function and form of each piece.

Void Ring

Void Buckle
Off Symmetric Buckle

Mini Knuckle Buckle

Knuckle Buckle

Key Ring Antique (Cast Sterling)

I Beam Table

Andrew Riiska

Here is a the 69 Leg Table. The top is made from old growth Douglas Fir recycled from a building in Hollywood. The Legs are made from Hard Maple that was recycled from an old work bench top that was delaminating from too much use.

Samuel Moyer Furniture

Samuel Moyer Furniture is a small, cohesive band of artist and artisans, committed to making one-of-a-kind furniture by hand from sustainable materials of heirloom quality.
From design, to tree and lumber selection, through milling, joinery and finishing, we develop a relationship with each piece of furniture we build and strive to share that connection with clients.
Operating in downtown Los Angeles for over 6 years, Samuel Moyer Furniture is committed to the idea of making furniture and artwork for all cultures. Furniture that lasts links generations and reduces waste and consumption. all it slow furniture, if you like, but it's an idea and an aesthetic whose time has come.
Designed and built with the practicality of the past and ethics for the furniture.
Tripod Stools

Dining Table

Robert Austin Gonzalez Table

Since 1994, Robert Gonzalez has been the principle of R.A.G.E., a furniture manufacturing firm. R.A.G.E.'s primary business was office furniture. The award winning Global Desk System has furnished offices from the likes of MTV Networks, Oxygen Media, Nine West Group, Liz Claiborne, Action World, Monsanto Co., Monterey Carpet, Richard Chamberlain Communications and Wilson Media Group.
In 2002, R.AG.E. evolved into creating custom residential furniture. That quickly led to designing interiors and contracting apartment renovations. Several of these interiors are featured in the Design/ Build Portfolio.
Now in 2006, Robert introduces GRACE... a collection of sculptural furniture in limited editions and by commission. Coinciding with the introduction of GRACE, Robert will be dropping the business name R.A.G.E. and will begin using his name Robert Austin Gonzalez to brand himself as a designer.


Furniture that is in stock right now at Five Ten Studios

Skram Wishbone 2-Drawer High Table
Skram Lineground Armchair
RS-Barcelona Road Bench
Skram Walnut Drop Stool

Skram White and Black Drop Stool