Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miel Tequila Bar


FIVEten Studio has completely renovated and redesigned another storefront space in Old Oakland, Miel Tequila Bar, the new expansion of Tamarindo Antojeria.

Miel is designed for now, but with features of an old school flavor of Mexico and Oakland's early American architecture. The combination of all these seemingly differently elements blend well together without any one element outshining the other. Hard surfaces of the exposed brick walls, tin ceiling, and classic parquet floors are all traces of the classic American architecture in Old Oakland. The metal light fixtures designed by FIVEten Studio above the bar and in the center of Miel were taken from cues of Tequila, as is the pink divider wall and green couch. The unique texture of the plastered walls also causes one to think of adobe walls.

All in all, the food at Tamarindo is off the chain, and the drinks from Miel are too. Miel has the perfect atmosphere for lounging with some friends for a few drinks or even a date. And don't forget there's always happy hour.