Monday, July 21, 2008

FIVEten Presents- A.K.A Graffiti-FIVEten X Broakland

This exhibit will be our 1st anniversary art show at FIVEten Studio.
FIVEten studio is exploring the view of graffiti through this exhibit "A.K.A Graffiti".
We are featuring graffiti into the fourth dimension with special guest artist Peeta from Italy,
Dream, phresh, and Vogue, from the TDK Crew (oakland original graffiti hitters). 

Peeta's new sculpture
Leather graffiti
In conjunction with Graffiti FIVEten will be displaying track bikes and other custom bikes aswell. Broakland  X FIVEten - Broakland bikes are collaborating on a special track bike for the show. Other local builders will be providing special bikes for the show, i.e Manifesto bikes (Oakland), Mission bikes ( San Francisco), Shorty Fatz ( San Jose). We believe that the bikes are  another form of Graffiti or even a form of functional art, or some can say a furniture piece. These bicycles project bueaty and zen in its pure form. Our goal is to showcase the bikes as another piece of furniture in your home. 

Mission bicycles-above
Manifesto bikes above
Broakland bike

A.K.A Graffiti will have its opening Friday August 1, 2008 6-10pm
the exhibit will go through August  1-30

There will be music, beverage, b-boy's, graffiti, bikes 
special thanks to Dream's brother for allowing us to display his work.
Much respect R.I.P DREAM

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M.W.M Graphics said...

NICE! Lets chat/build soon. Congrads on recent shows :)