Friday, June 27, 2008

Cameron Kelly

Fiveten Studio features Cameron Kelly

'I attempt to create a visual experience both personal and social. My process begins as an exploration of the qualities inherent in found objects and develops as a self-referential posturing between the work and my experience. Working with materials is like an interview of sort - an inner dialogue about identity, form and creative ability. I find mark-making to be an exercise in observation and self investigation. Repetition is a common element in my work. It honors process, documents time, and is a method to finding a personal rhythm.

My inspiration lives in an interdependent world where dream and day-to-day life interplay. Bringing idea to form confirms that our humanness is our ability to make ideas visible. I find comfort in practicing that. I often call upon my staple materials; cast wax, metals,things like hairbrushes or animal bones to stir the intuitive unconscious. I am forever utilitarian  considering new mediums and examining the possibilities around me. 

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Cameron Kelly and Nicole Buffett said...

Hey Guys! It's me, Cameron. Congratulations on FiveTen's first year!!! I'm so honored to be part of your AMAZING efforts to bring fun, innovative art and design to our community. Thank you Sean & Alfonso!

You can check out my blog too! This is what I've been doing lately.