Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ollin: A Spiral Line and Other Flights by Rosa de Anda

"This exhibition explores rhythmic, ritualistic effort and the recurring themes of movement, flight and fluidity. Ollin means ‘movement’ in the Meso American language of Nahuatl. The spiral is representative of the force of regeneration and is recognized in most cultures as a universal sacred symbol.

Love and hatred, ignorance and wisdom find balance in the spiral dance of life. This work is about examining structure + pattern + rhythm, the interruption of such, nuturing new ways of being, investigating all activity within the whorls of the life spiral. The materials I use to construct this visual investigation, rubber and wood, are from the tree…an element of nature that is life-giving. I feel strongly about using these recycled materials, allowing for another pattern of existence to emerge in present space and time."

- Rosa De Anda

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