Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GenevaSound S is the smallest hifi, ever, less than 6", yet with full-sized high fidelity. Perfect for the bedroom, kitchen, office and more. It includes innovations that make hifi easier, and more eye-pleasing: a new PowerDock connector, new TouchLight controls, and a digital radio with alarm clock. TouchLights brighten on hand contact, giving extensive iPod menu control that other small systems lack. When the iPod/iPhone is removed, the motorized PowerDock spins closed to protect it. There’s a choice of three colors, (red, black or white) and a table stand for less clutter on nightstand, countertop or desk.


A Two 3” full range speak

B Two bass ports with dynamic loudness

C Two Class D digital amplifiers – extremely efficient, low-consumption

D Digital radio

E Digital clock with alarm program

F EmbracingSound DSP restores and improves compressed music files

G PowerDock for iPod/iPhone connection and protection

H TouchLight controls - backlit, touch-sensitive

I Line-in jack for external audio

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